As an engineer and an entrepreneur, I am constantly looking for problems to solve or processes to make more efficient. In particular, I am passionate about automation and data analysis. Machines can be used to dramatically improve performance of systems by eliminating labor intensive tasks, or performing them more accurately and more safely. Self driving cars promise to reduce accidents and congestion, and robotic warehouses can operating 24 hours a day.


I am an EBS University alumni, currently pursuing a software engineering degree at the newly founded CODE University in Berlin.

I spent some time in the Bay Area improving lower-level computer science skills at 42 Sillicon Valley. During that time I had the honor of getting named as a Stanford Designership fellow.

Outside of classes I organized the EBSpreneurship Forum, one of europes largest student led entrepreneurship conferences and later co-founded Unicon Conference with the aim of connecting top-tier students between the disciplines.

Anything Else?

On days off, I like to grab my camera to explore and capture beautiful places. I enjoy getting lost in a new city or area and experiencing different cultures.


Email: [email protected]
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/constantinschreiber/
Github: https://github.com/ConstantinSchreiber